Top 3 Pants That Women Should Wear With A Blanket Scarf In The Winter

When it comes to scarf’s, they’re not all the same. Some will come in solid colours while others will come in intricate patterns. Some are small while others are larger, which can double as a blanket if the circumstances permit. Well, in this article we will be talking about the particularly larger scarf, called a blanket scarf. 

We will list the only three pants that should be worn while wearing a blanket scarf. Also, we will discuss some tips to remember when deciding to wear such a large scarf. Ok, let’s take a look.

Black Blanket Scarf With Wool Pants

There is no doubt the wearing any scarf which is the colour black, will definitely tie into any winter outfit. While wearing a black blanket scarf, your main focus should be on finding clothes that will flow and not stand out. That is why we will mention dark colour wool pants. You should wear your wool pants and black blanket scarf with shirts such as a light colour blouse, cashmere sweater, and a long wool coat, preferably black or dark grey.

Black Scarf H&M

Patterned Blanket Scarf With Denim Jeans

It is somewhat tricky to style with a patterned blanket scarf, because not getting it right will result in you looking that you are trapped in fabric. The trick is to wear your patterned blanket scarf around your shoulders and not tied around your neck. Keep your denim jeans slim and a dark colour, while your footwear should be ankle boots.

Patterned Scarf H&M

Beige Blanket Scarf With Black Jeans

There are a variety of different ways how you can wear your beige blanket scarf with back jeans. From wrapping it around your whole upper body to just slightly hanging from your neck. You need to also wear a black coat with a beige blanket scarf, which is the best choice for outerwear. Keep your footwear black or dark brown, with ankle boots working best.

Beige Cashmere Scarf H&M


  • Do not wear a blanket scarf with track pants
  • The most versatile type of blanket scarf is going to be a solid black colour
  • There is no need to wear a blanket scarf everyday of the winter season
Pastel Green Cashmere Scarf H&M

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