Top 3 Pieces From The 1980s That Men Can Incorporate Into Their Winter Outfit And Look Stylish

The very fashionable decade of the 1980s was a time of great creativity and bold pieces. Men we wearing power suites inside and outside of the office and women were wearing all things bold such as a blazer with shoulder pads. Yes, this was an innovative decade when it came to fashion and quite understandably, some people still like to wear a few key pieces.

We will discuss the top 3 pieces that men can wear today in their winter style that are still relevant and stylish. Also, we discuss some tips to remember and some mistakes to avoid when styling with these pieces. Ok, let’s take a look.

Leather Jacket

Of course you already knew that this timeless outerwear would be amongst out top three picks. There is no doubt about it, leather jackets are edgy, cool, and extremely stylish no matter what season we are in. For the winter months, layering will be your friend.

Leather Jacket Topman

Wear your black or brown leather jacket with either a turtleneck or crew neck sweater layered underneath. Denim jeans will be your preferred choice of pants which will look good with black leather boots.

Denim Jacket

You can absolutely wear a denim jacket in the winter months but steps need to be made when it comes to keeping yourself warm. A hoodie or a warm wool sweater should be worn underneath your denim jacket. While a denim jacket can come in a variety of different colours, it is recommended to stick with the regular denim colour and refrain from wearing a denim jacket that is too bright or dark. An all black pair running shoes or a pair of brown leather boots should be worn as footwear.

Sherpa Denim Jacket Topman

Bomber Jacket

Yes, this jacket was as popular in the 1980s as it is today, which is a testament to the sheer design and unique style of this clothing. For the winter months, you want to stick with wearing a dark colour such as black or navy blue, which will pair well with any type of pants you decide to wear. For a stylish casual outfit, wear a black bomber jacket with black jeans, a beige turtleneck, and brown leather boots. 

Black Bomber Jacket Topman


  • Don’t wear a denim jacket in snowy weather
  • Keep your bomber jacket zipped up, as this will look more stylish
  • Avoid wearing a leather jacket when it is snowing because it might smell a bit off
Navy Bomber Jacket Topman

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