Top 3 Types Of Footwear Men Should Wear In The Winter To Always Look Stylish

When it comes to casual winter outfits, men tend to stick with the basics such as jeans and a hoodie. There is much more that can be achieved in one’s personal look when footwear consideration is taken more seriously. Maybe, footwear should be decided first before choosing what type of pants and top to wear. In the cold winter months, this can actually be a good idea.

In this article we will be talking about the top 3 types of footwear to wear in the winter months that will keep your cool weather casual outfits looking stylish. Let’s take a look.

Black Running Shoes

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing running shoes in the winter months. Firstly, precaution need to be made as to not be caught outside in piles of snow and slush. So, the most rational thing to do would be to only wear these running shoes when the weather conditions are completely dry.

Black Nike Air Force 1

Simple yet effective outfits that can be composed while wearing black running shoes include the addition of denim jeans, black jeans, track pants, a hoodie, and crew neck sweaters. This is also a great outfit for running quick errands on the weekends.

Leather Boots

Wearing leather boots in your casual winter outfit can instantly give you a boost of confidence. Dark colours such as black and dark brown will go great with a variety of styles of pants. An outfit consisting of black jeans, a cashmere sweater layered under a grey blazer and long wool coat can make for a stylish late evening casual outfit.

Leather Boots Topman

Waterproof Boots

Brands such as Timberland and Sorrel Boots have made their name on insulated waterproof boots. Sometimes you need to ring out the heavy duty boots when the weather gets really rough. This type of footwear will go well with track pants and a warm parka jacket. Since we are talking about blizzard like conditions, it is only necessary that you wear some type of gloves.

Timberland Boots

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