Top 3 Ways How Men Can Wear Hiking Boots In The Winter Months On The Weekend

There was once a time in fashion when the hiking niche was strictly only followed and worn by real outdoors men. Crazy huh? Brands such as Carhartt popularized this niche to the masses  with their versatile outdoor wear that is both fashionable and versatile. This has been taken by many other brands who have created stylish hiking boots that can go well with a variety of different clothes. 

In this article we will discuss the best ways how men can wear hiking boots in the winter specifically on the weekend. Let’s take a look.

Quilted Denim Jacket

You can create stylish outfits with the addition of a quilted denim jacket as your outerwear. Black jeans or black chinos can be worn as well as a beige turtleneck sweater. Your footwear should be dark brown hiking boots.

Quilted Denim Jacket H&M

Knitted Cardigan

You can wear a dark grey or black knitted cardigan with denim jeans and hiking bots for a great overall rugged winter outfit. Wear a hooded parka to complete the look. Your hiking boots should be black while your jacket should be left unzipped to showcase your knitted sweater.

Knit Cardigan H&M

Bomber Jacket

Dark brown or black hiking boots will go well with an outfit that consists of a bomber jacket as outerwear. While you choose to wear a black bomber jacket, wearing beige chinos and a black cotton crew neck sweater will complete the outfit. Wear a black scarf to keep your neck warm.

Warm Bomber Jacket H&M


  • Keep you hiking boots a dark colour as this will go well with different outfits
  • Stick with a rugged outfit when wearing hiking boots
  • Wear the correct socks because hiking boots can get uncomfortable the longer you have them on
Carhartt Hiking Boots

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