Top 5 Chic Fashion Pieces That Every Woman Should Own In Their Spring Wardrobe

There will always be that one favourite piece that you cannot live without no matter what season we are in. In the cooler months, that piece might be a certain sweater, while in the hot summer months, you might just love wearing those denim shorts a little too much. But what about when it comes to the mild spring temperatures? Spring is one of the most unpredictable times of the year when it comes to choosing what to wear, one minute the weather is mild and dry and soon after you can easily be rained out.

In this article we will be discussing the top 5 chic spring pieces that you should own and help you decide which one can be your season’s favourite piece. We will also share some tips to remember to guide your choice. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Green Long Jacket

You definitely need to own a long jacket if you want to look stylish in denim jeans. While the typical long black or white jacket has become somewhat a staple in a lot of women’s spring wardrobe, we recommend to wear your in the colour green. Dark green will go great with colours such as beige, navy blue, white, and denim, which all these colours can be worn in pants. When wearing a jacket with denim jeans for example, opt to keep it unbuttoned to showcase your shirt underneath. This is a simple way to create a chic outfit.

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Mom Jeans

One of the hottest styles of jeans in recent years has been the mom jeans. Why? Well, the main reason is that you can either dress chic or super casual with mom jeans and also these jeans are very comfortable. The hole vintage trend has been on fire and many young adults are appreciating styles from the 1980s and 1990s, which is when mom jeans were extremely popular. Wear a pair of light wash denim mom jeans with black loafers and a button down shirt for a chic, no fuss outfit.

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White Blouse

The are a multitude of reasons to own more than one white blouse in your spring wardrobe and you should know this. From weekend casual wear to office wear, you can incorporate a white blouse in any outfit to create a chic look. When it comes to a casual outfit, opt to wear your white blouse with a dark bottom such as skinny black jeans or a black denim skirt. While, for office wear, you can easily wear a white blouse with navy blue slacks.

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White Running Shoes

It is a bit difficult to consider wearing white running shoes a chic spring piece, but it really is. The secret to having your white running shoes become a chic piece is in its simplicity. Wear a pair of white running shoes with uncommon pieces such as a short denim skirt, slacks, and a long skirt. This will not be for everyone but you can try it to be sure if you like it or not.

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Small Black Handbag

Forget about carrying around a big handbag in the spring months and instead opt for a smaller one. A black leather handbag will be your most suitable choice, which can be paired with any outfit and still not stand out. 

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