Top 5 Chic Winter Outfits That Women Can Create With Joggers

When it comes to comfortability and pants there is only two pieces that come to mind, leggings and joggers. This article will be about joggers, specifically how to create a chic winter outfit featuring said pants. While you can always just switch out these outfit ideas with leggings, we thought that joggers would be a great topic to write about, considering that many women have a hard time figuring out what to wear with joggers that is not a hoodie.

We will also share some tips to remember when wearing joggers that will aide in enhancing your fashion journey. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Grey Joggers

When it comes to wearing grey you have more flexibility when choosing the type of colours that you want to wear. Because grey is a neutral colour, you can wear for example a white t-shirt underneath a half buttoned up black cardigan and look great. Also, considering how grey joggers will pair well with black footwear, wear a pair of all-black running shoes to complete your outfit.

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Beige Joggers

Similar to grey joggers as being a neutral colour, your options of what to wear on top will vary greatly. For a very chic outfit, consider wearing a black tucked in turtleneck paired with black leather knee high boots. Your handbag should be small sized, while your accessories should be kept to a minimum.

Fine Knit Joggers H&M

Black Joggers

We all know how well a white top will go with black joggers, but let’s be a bit more creative with this one. Keep your footwear stylish with a pair of black leather ankle boots and your outerwear should be a grey wool jacket. Now for your shirt, you can choose to wear either a beige knit sweater or you can opt to keep it simple with a black long sleeve turtleneck.

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Joggers & Blazer

Wearing joggers paired with a blazer would be considered very chic in the fashion world. But there is a right and wrong way on how to pull off this look, let take a look how. First of all, your blazer should be a dark colour such as black or navy blue. Secondly footwear is important while wearing this combination, so consider ankle boots to be your preferred choice. 

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A good example of an outfit with a pair of joggers paired with a blazer would be one that pairs a black blazer with grey joggers. You would then layer a white long sleeve turtleneck underneath. Your footwear can be a pair of black leather ankle boots.

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Generally you would be wearing a parka with your joggers in the winter months and think nothing about it. But because this article is about creating a chic outfit, we have to be more creative. Instead of wearing a parka, select to wear outerwear such as a leather jacket, long wool coat, and a bomber jacket. Generally darker colours will work best.

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