Top 5 Classic Pieces That Women In Paris Wear In the Spring For A Stylish Look

If you go for a visit to Paris to in spring season, there will be quite a few things in common amongst the women’s fashion. First of all, you cannot be a Parisian woman and not ow a pair of blue tailored jeans, which is one of the foundations of any French women’s wardrobe. If you want to find out the other inspiring Parisian women’s essential spring pieces, keep on reading this article.

We will also discuss some outfit ideas that are both inspiring and stylish. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Oversized Shirt

One of the best ways how to dress comfortably and stylish is to wear an oversized shirt. We are not talking about any type of oversized shirt, but specifically one that is white and has a collar. Typically the Parisian woman’s weekend shirt, you can incorporate this into your spring casual wardrobe. Wear an oversize white shirt with denim jeans, white pants, or paper bag trousers.

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Tailored Denim Jeans

There is no other type of pants that can come close to the importance of denim jeans for Parisian women. Why? Ever since the 1970s, denim jeans has been extremely popular amongst French women. Because Paris is the city of creative style and fashion, you should not expect the denim jeans to just be ordinary. On the contrary, a tailored fit is the most popular and can be seen on women of all ages.

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Black Stilettos

Wearing black stilettos for Parisian women is similar to wearing running shoes amongst women in Los Angelas. Yes, you can say that the essential footwear of Parisian women is both stylish and very chic. Try to wear black stilettos on a dry spring day paired with denim jeans and a dark colour shirt.

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Navy Blue Blazer

One of the most classic French pieces that women can wear in the spring will be a navy blue blazer. Typically Parisian women love to wear their blazer with a combination of denim jeans and some type of heels. The shirt underneath does not necessarily have to have a collar, which means that even a tucked in plain white t-shirt can be worn underneath. You can also wear a pair of tailored black jeans with a navy blue blazer for a chic look.

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Cocktail Dress

There is an unofficial rule amongst Parisian women with regards to what should be worn for a night out, and the consensus is that the cocktail dress is the only acceptable piece. This may come as a shock to women who are not from Paris, but simplicity and fabric cut are more important that glitter and name brand. Meaning that a woman wearing a simple black cocktail dress with a defined waist will be looked with acceptance amongst her peers.

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  • Simplicity is more important than being flashy
  • Only wear tailored denim jeans
  • Keep a navy blue blazer in your spring wardrobe
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