Top 5 Easy Casual Workplace Outfits That Women Can Wear With Jeans In The Winter Months

When it comes to dressing in the winter for work, the same few pieces are usually worn by everyone. Yes, in a traditional office environment, the attire is mostly business with casual clothing being worn on usually Fridays. But what about dressing for an office that allows casual clothes to be worn? This prospect presents an unusual opportunity to be creative and dress in non traditional office clothing, which will let you express your personality through your style.

In this article we will be discussing simple and easy casual workplace outfits to wear in the cold winter months. Jeans will be our focus and topic of discussion, ok, let’s take a look.

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Obviously, you will at one time or another wear a sweater in the winter season. Because of this reason there needs to be some creativity on your part to avoid wearing only black sweaters, as which is really common in the winter. Instead, opt to wear colours such as beige, white, grey, and green. Skinny black denim jeans will go great with styles such as a turtleneck or wool sweater. Footwear should be beige pumps.

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Even though we are talking about a casual workplace, you should still wear a blazer in your workplace outfit sometimes. There will be times when you will be in a meeting or are going to present a project of some sorts, this will require you to demand respect. There is no better way to convey this message than to wear a blazer

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You can either wear a classic black blazer or stick with a navy blue blazer. Again, black skinny jeans will be your preferred pants while your footwear should be black ankle boots. Also, wear a dark long sleeve shirt underneath.


You can always show up to the office wearing a parka and no one would blink an eye, because hey, it is cold outside. But if you want your co-workers to know how fashion forward you are, then opt to wear a long wool coat. Dark colours work best in the winter, so black and navy blue will be your preferred wool coat choice. Either denim or black jeans will go with a wool coat.

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When you are wearing jeans, you get a very casual sense about yourself which leads you to be more productive and having less stress. This is one of the main reasons why an increasing amount of employers are choosing to go for a casual dress code. Why not show off your creativity by wearing a unique necklace and carrying a fashionable handbag. 

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Remember that we are still talking about the winter season, so boots will be the number one choice to wear. Black leather ankle boots are very stylish and will go great with any type of jeans you decide to wear.

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