Top 5 Fashion Pieces That Women With Black Hair Can Wear In The Spring That Will Look Good

While many consider typical spring colours such as beige, white, and green to e universal, there are actually specific colours that will undoubtedly go better with someone who has black hair. Definitely not just with a casual outfit but with office and formal outfits too. Women with black hair tend to stick with pieces that are not that bright and can easily go well with their dark hair. That is why in the spring months, many women with black hair love to wear denim jeans, black jeans, and maybe a grey shirt.

This is just part of the struggle to introduce some colour into their spring outfit. In this article we will be discussing the top 5 pieces that women with black hair can wear in their spring outfits that will look great. Also, we will share some tips to remember when creating an outfit with black hair. Ok, let’s take a look.

Tie-Helm Blouse H&M

Beige Long Sleeve Shirt

A beige long sleeve shirt is meant to be worn up until late spring, which will have warmer weather. You can wear your beige long sleeve shirt in a variety of casual outfits featuring denim jeans, black leggings, and a denim skirt. Be sure to wear a long sleeve shirt that fits comfortably and can be tucked in if need be.

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White Pants

Who said that you shouldn’t wear white pants until the summer months? Well, this is a myth, with many women wearing white pants in the spring, you should get on this too. Ok, so when wearing white pants, refrain from wearing a white shirt, instead opt for a dark colour. Unless you want to look generic stay away from wearing a black shirt. Because the last thing you want to be see in is a black and white outfit.

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Navy Blue Blazer

The colour navy blue has always gone well with black, and your black hair is no exception to this. Wear a navy blue blazer as part of a stylish spring weekend outfit, which can feature black loafers as footwear. A simple t-shirt or button down shirt can easily be worn underneath your navy blue blazer.

Navy Blue Blazer H&M

Short Black Skirt

Wear a short black skirt when you are heading for a night out with friends or on a sunny spring weekend. Footwear that will go well with your skirt will be white running shoes, black pumps, or a pair of all black running shoes. Be sure to tie your hair back when wearing a short black skirt for a more chic look.

Short Corduroy Skirt H&M

Red Dress

Yes, we have mentioned to wear a red dress for only one specific reason. And that main reason is to make a statement. Nobody expects to wear a red dress as part of a casual outfit and will most likely be seen to one of the events that you will be invited to in the spring months. Make a statement and wear the red dress. You can pair this with black pumps and a small black handbag as your accessory.

Flared Dress H&M

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