Top 5 Late Spring Fashion Pieces That Women Can Wear As Part Of A Chic Outfit

Ok ladies, let’s talk fashion! The month right before the summer season is generally still considered spring, so naturally you would wear clothing that is meant for weather that is slightly warm . But this is where many people get it wrong. You see, it is better to have a little test trial of your early summer outfits starting later in the spring season, and there are many reasons for this.

In this article we will discuss the top 5 pieces that every woman should wear in the late spring season that are both comfortable and stylish. You can also wear these pieces early on in the summer season also, so consider this a trial run. Ok, let’s take a look.

Rib Knit Tank Top H&M

Floral Print Dress

Consider wearing a floral print dress as part of a late spring weekend outfit. There is no point on hiding this dress until the summer season because honestly, why not wear it now. Ok, so you want to wear strappy sandals as your preferred footwear, preferably black in colour. And for your accessories, keep them medium size as well as your handbag.

Printed Dress H&M

Mom Jeans

Let’s be serious for one-second. Who doesn’t like to wear a pair of comfortable mom jeans? Thought so, nobody!  You can easily wear a pair of high ankle mom denim jeans paired with a tucked in t-shirt or sleeveless blouse. Make sure that your footwear is either all black or all white running shoes, which will look great in this super casual outfit. Carry a small handbag for your essential cards and money.

High Ankle Mom Jeans H&M


While wearing loafers are considered an early spring footwear, no one can tell you that you cannot wear them later on in the season also. Pair your loafers with pants such as mom jeans, straight jeans, and wide leg pants. Tops that go well with loafers will generally feature a collar and accessories such as you necklace should be medium size.

Suede Loafers H&M

Short Denim Skirt

One of the most sought after late spring and summer pieces is the short denim skirt. There are an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to he type of shirt you can wear with a short denim mimi skirt. Opt to stick with just a few favourites that will always look good with this piece. These shirts include a white blouse, black t-shirt, or a camisole top.

Denim Skirt H&M

White Blazer

Wearing a white blazer can instantly set your outfit apart from the rest and give your appearance a boost. Generally it is recommended to wear a white blouse as part of a casual outfit, so denim jeans and black pants should be worn. A simple plain t-shirt is all you need to wear underneath your white blazer to complete the outfit. Footwear should be a dark colour such as black.

Fitted Blazer H&M

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