Top 5 Minimalist Work Outfits That Women Can Wear In The Winter And Look Stylish

When it comes to minimalism in fashion, less is undoubtedly more. But not in the way that you might think, there are some tricks to remember to pull off a stylish minimalist outfit. With accessories and colour selection being the top priorities that must be correctly done. Also, the pieces need to flow as with one another and have a harmonious appearance.

In this article we will mention the top 5 minimalist outfits that women can wear in the winter and also some tips to remember when it comes to minimalist fashion. Let’s take a look.


Wearing a knee length skirt in the winter can be difficult if you are prepared. In this outfit, it is essential to wear a warm pair of tights underneath your skirt. Black colour tights are recommended because of its versatility. Also, black tights are great to wear with a navy blue skirt, which is what this outfit consists of. 

Wool Skirt Net-A-Porter

For a minimalist winter skirt outfit, wear a navy blue skirt paired with a tucked in white dress shirt. Keep your accessories a neutral colour. Footwear can be black pumps.

Prada Pumps Net-A-Porter


Dark grey is a colour that can go well in about any cold weather outfit. This is true for this outfit as well. Wear a dark grey blazer with a black cotton turtleneck underneath. A simple pair of black pants and ankle boots are all that is needed to complete this outfit. Accessories are optional.

Black turtleneck Sweater Net-A-Porter
Prada Wool Pants Net-A-Porter


Cashmere is a material that is well suited to the cooler months of winter, which is why we have included it in this outfit. Wear a beige cashmere sweater with grey pants. Your footwear needs to be a dark colour, so dark brown will be great. Also, accessories should consist of medium size earrings and a medium size handbag.

Ribbed Cashmere Sweater Net-A-Porter
YSL Handbag Net-A-Porter


The black blouse continues to be a go to item that women wear in the winter months to the workplace. This is by surprise, because the black blouse can go well with a variety of accompanying clothes. Grey pants and black pumps are all that is needed to complete this outfit. Carry a wristlet to keep your cards and money.

Blouse Net-A-Porter
Gucci Leather Clutch Net-A-Porter


Keeping with the minimalist theme, we had to mention the cardigan. Specifically, you should wear a black cardigan over either a dark colour blouse or a tucked in white dress shirt. Keep your footwear stylish with this outfit by wearing black leather ankle boots. Accessories should be medium sized.

Black Cashmere Cardigan Net-A-Porter
Black Leather Ankle Boots Net-A-Porter

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