Top 5 Pieces That Men Over 40 Can Wear In The Winter To Create A Stylish Outfit

Many men, not most, tend to give up on their fashion when they reach the age of 40 years old. Why is that? Well, many factors contribute to this behaviour, mainly life gets in the way being busy with kids and work, or a sense of not being as cool as before when you were in your 30s. Whatever their reason for a decline in fashion sense amongst men over the age of 40, we want to reverse this trend and give some insight into how you can dress in the winter months stylishly.

Particularly, we will be discussing the top 5 pieces that men over 40 can wear that will compliment any winter outfit and will look stylish. Also, we will share some tips to remember when dress ing over the age of 40 and how you can benefit form thinking outside of the box. Ok, let’s take a look.

Marino Wool Sweater H&M

Denim Jeans

Undeniably one of the most worn pants by men, whatever the season is going to be denim jeans. You will want to wear a slim fit, as this is the most stylish cut and will go well with a variety of tops. Leather boots and derby shoes are great to wear with denim jeans in the winter.

Slim Denim Jeans H&M

Try wearing slim denim jeans paired with an Oxford shirt. Your footwear should be brown leather boots and your outerwear can be a black long wool coat.


What can we not say about wearing a blazer that is not positive? Well, nothing. The fact is that the blazer is one of the most stylish and bold pieces any man, regardless of their age, can wear. For men over the age of 40, opt to wear a slim fit blazer that is a dark colour. Avoid black if you can because this is a common colour to wear in the office and we want to be creative in our casual outfit.

Skinny Fit Blazer H&M

Wear a navy blue blazer paired with slim black jeans. You can wear black leather boots and a black turtleneck underneath your blazer. A leather jacket or wool coat should be worn.

Brown Belt

While this may seem odd that we mentioned a brown belt, it is not. You see, everybody wears a black belt from young to old, but is the correct way to dress? At coatFibers, we value creativity and standing apart from the pack so wearing a brown belt can actually achieve that objective. 

Leather Belt H&M

Wear a brown belt when you are wearing any type of pants that requires you to tuck in your shirt. A great example would be to ear a brown belt with a pair of black jeans and a tucked in dress shirt.

Pea Coat

If you do not have a pea coat in your winter wardrobe, get one asap. The key to wearing a pea coat stylishly is your pants selection and footwear. A classic outfit would be to wear a black pea coat over either a two piece suit or a dress shirt and pants combination. 

Wool Blend Pea Coat H&M

To be more stylish, opt to wear your pea coat with pants such as chinos and black jeans. Your footwear can be brown derby shoes for a more formal look or black leather boots to keep it on the casual side.


Almost like wearing a blazer but more comfortable, a cardigan can be incorporated into outfits from very casual to formal. Wear a black of grey blazer in the winter with pants such as beige chinos, black jeans, denim jeans, and dress pants. While you do not necessarily need to wear a collared shirt underneath, doing so will be required if you want to wear a cardigan with dress pants.

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