Top 5 Pieces That Women Young And Old Can Wear In The Spring For A Stylish Casual Outfit

The spring season is the time of year when you can finally ditch the dark colours and embrace light and warm colours. There is some apprehension when the season finally starts because now attention needs to be payed to your cuts and colour selection. Many women tend to gradually switch out their cold weather clothing for spring clothing, taking cues from what they see on the street and at the workplace.

But there is an even better way to decide what pieces are great to wear in the spring and that is recognizing universally accepted pieces that both young and older women can wear. That’s right, these pieces are special because they look great no matter what your age is. That is why we have created this article, which will discuss these pieces and share some great outfit ideas. Also, we will share some tips to remember when dressing in the spring, ok, Lt’s take a look.

Straight Cut Jacket H&M

Knit Sweater

Typically when the spring season starts the weather is not really that warm, so some protection from the cold weather is needed. That is why we recommend to wear a knit sweater in a light colour. Age does not matter when deciding what type of knit sweater to wear because every style will go well with a casual bottom. Try wearing a v-neck knit seater.

Knit Sweater H&M

Denim Jeans

The popularity of denim jeans has never really gone away ever since they came into the mainstream market. And there is good reason for that, with the many different fits and washes, denim jeans are here to stay. Wear you r denim jeans in any style you want, but mom jeans and slim fit should be your preferred choice.

Mom High Ankle Jeans H&M


Ok, there should be no explanation as to why legging made this list. There is just so many different outfits that can be created with the addition of leggings that we can’t list them all. But for a simple and quick mid spring outfit, wear grey leggings with a white turtleneck paired with pumps for a stylish look.

Sports Leggings H&M

White Jeans

Wearing white jeans is meant for more of a late spring outfit. While you can absolutely wear white pants with an all white shirt, it is recommended to wear a dark colour instead. Opt to wear a v-neck t-shirt underneath a light colour windbreaker. Your footwear can be mules.

Vintage Slim Ankle Jeans H&M

White Running Shoes

Wear white running shoes in most of your casual spring outfits for a stylish and cool look. It really doesn’t matter what your age is because the effect of wearing white running shoes with a casual outfit is the same, which only enhances creates a clean look. 

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