Top 5 Skinny Jeans And Blouse Spring Outfits That Women Can Wear For A Stylish Look

Most fashion commentators will agree that wearing skinny jeans or mom jeans will be your go to fit when wearing denim. There can be an argument for wearing slim jeans, but it really can’t hold up to the sheer amount of stylish outfits that can be made with skinny jeans and mom jeans. In this article we will be talking about the perfect spring combination of wearing skinny jeans paired with a blouse. Keep in mind that we will also share some tips to remember when wearing skinny jeans.

When women wear skinny jeans there is usually a typical pattern followed, meaning that ultimately skinny jeans are usually paired with a tight fitting shirt to create a streamlined look. This is not entirely the wrong way how to wear skinny jeans but wearing looser fitting shirts or a shirt made from a different material other than cotton will give your outfit a breath of fresh air. Let’s look at some skinny jeans and blouse outfit combinations that women can wear this spring.

V-Neck Blouse H&M

Skinny Black Jeans

Because skinny black jeans are such a classic pants, there is not much effort needed to choose the type of blouse to go with it. Consider wearing light colours such as green, teal, blue, and red for your blouse, which will be great for the spring months. Your footwear can be a simple pair of black loafers or black pumps. Accessories should be medium size.

Skinny Black Jeans H&M

High Ankle Black Skinny Jeans

The main difference from a regular pair of black skinny jeans and the high ankle version will be the type of footwear worn. Yes, you can easily wear a pair of black pumps or all black running shoes, but this is not the best choice. Choose to wear any type of footwear that should the most of your feet. So strappy sandals will be your best pick to wear. Late spring is the perfect time to wear high ankle jeans.

High Ankle Black Jeans H&M

Skinny White Jeans

Wearing skinny white jeans can be a bit tricky, especially with the volatile spring weather. It is best to wear these jeans later on in the season to ensure that your jeans stay white. A pattered puff sleeve blouse will go great with skinny white jeans, which can be worn to an afternoon lunch or on a late spring weekend. Wear small earrings to keep the attention on your patterned blouse.

Skinny White Jeans H&M

Skinny Denim Jeans

There is not really a blouse that won’t go well with denim skinny jeans, v-neck, oversize, and even a patterned blouse are all fairly easy to incorporate with skinny denim jeans. The main factor to define is where exactly will you be going on that day you decide to wear skinny denim jeans. If you plan on having a casual day such as on the weekend, opt to wear a more laid back type of blouse such as the  loose fitting type. While if you want to wear your denim skinny jeans in the evening out, consider wearing a v-neck black blouse.

Skinny Denim Jeans H&M

High Ankle Skinny Denim Jeans

Wear a pair of high ankle skinny denim jeans as part of a stylish evening outfit. The blouse that you decide to wear should be very stylish and tie in well with your overall outfit. For a great pick, choose to wear a black long sleeve blouse. Footwear that will compliment your outfit should be black, so a pair of black pumps should be your choice. Keep your handbag medium size as well as your earrings.

High Ankle Denim Jeans H&M

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