Top 5 Way How Men Can Create A Stylish Winter Outfit With A Grey Wool Pea Coat

We all know how cold the winter season can be, especially in the northern hemisphere of the world. That is why it is really important to have a warm coat or jacket that is both comfortable and stylish. Sure, you can always wear a black parka or puffer jacket, but why not wear something more stylish and which will expand your profile more. We are talking about wearing a grey wool pea coat. There are tons of ways how you can wear this stylish coat, which we will be discussing in this article.

Also, we will share some tips to remember that will aid in your quest to effortlessly create a stylish outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Running Shoes

Now you may be wondering why we have started off this list with running shoes, even though the winter months can feature snow and well below freezing temperatures. The main reason we have done this is because we want to show you the type of creative outfits you can create while wearing a grey pea coat. Let’s just say it from now that we only recommend wearing a pair of all black running shoes with this coat.

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A good outfit to try would be to wear a pair of slim denim jeans paired with a black cotton sweater. Your grey pea coat will go well with all black running shoes. Think of this as a more weekend type of outfit.

Chelsea Boots

One of the most famous boots that men can own in the cooler months of the year are Chelsea boots. Specifically the traditional black leather type, which will go great with just about any type of pants you wish to wear. For this outfit example we will mention slim back jeans. Pair your black jeans with a beige knit sweater and your grey pea coat.

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Dress Pants

A perfect outfit to wear in the winter to work will undoubtedly feature a pea coat, preferably black, grey, or navy blue. You want to keep your professional appearance to match your outfit, so be sure to wear a pea coat instead of a parka to and from work. Ok, so now let’s talk about your dress pants, for this outfit example we can say to wear a pair of light grey dress pants.

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Pair your dress pants with a tucked in white dress shirt, which will have a solid colour navy blue tie. You will want to wear a black blazer which will then go well with black derby shoes. Wear a black beanie with your grey pea coat.


When deciding to dress business casual, usually you would wear a blazer and some stylish pair of pants. But for this outfit we will switch out the blazer and opt to wear a black cardigan instead. Keep your pants stylish with a pair of black jeans which will go well with a pair of brown leather derby shoes. Wear a white dress shirt underneath your cardigan.

Wool Cardigan H&M

Track Pants

A more creative outfit to wear with your grey pea coat would be to pair it with black track pants. This is going to be an extremely casual outfit that could easily feature a black parka instead. But we want to be creative so let’s go! Wear a pair of black running shoes and black track pants. You can either wear a beige knit sweater or more a super casual look, you can wear a hoodie. 

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