Top 5 Ways How Men Can Dress For A California Winter And Look Stylish

There is nothing like the great weather in California in the winter months. Not only is there no snow but the temperatures are particularly dry and warm with northern California having cold to mild temperatures. This means that your typical winter outfit featuring a parka jacket and boots will not apply and instead will be switched for a windbreaker and running shoes. 

This is just some of what we will be discussing in this article, which is going to be all about how men can dress for a California winter. We will also share some tips to remember when creating your outfit, ok, let’s take a look.

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Not only is wearing chinos a very California type of think to do, but there are a variety of stylish sunny weather winter outfits that can be created especially with beige chinos. For example, you can pair your beige chinos with a pair of all white running shoes. For your shirt, opt to wear a grey blazer layered over a plain t-shirt. 

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Denim Jeans

There can never be a pants that is more popular than denim jeans, which looks great in any type of outfit throughout the year. To incorporate int your California winter outfit you should wear a slim fit that has a light colour. Slightly distressed jeans are fine but the emphasis is the wear a slim fit, as this will go well with a pair of all black running shoes. A flannel shirt should be worn to complete this outfit.

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What are the most comfortable type of pants to wear? Joggers! Yes, there is no getting around it, sooner or later joggers will be featured in your California winter outfit. Because of the mainly sunny weather your joggers should be a lighter colour such as light grey, beige, or white. Let’s say you want to wear a pair of light grey joggers. You can pair your joggers with a pair or black running shoes while your shirt can be a black hoodie.

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When it comes to dressing for a California winter, boots will not be needed. Running shoes, loafers, and derby shoes will feature prominently in your various winter outfits. Colours such as black or white will be suitable for your running shoes and brown will be great for the rest of your footwear.

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There will not be a use for warm outwear such as a parka or wool coat because the weather will not be below zero. Instead your outerwear will consist of light jacket such as a windbreaker, leather jacket, and denim jacket.

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