Top 5 Ways How Men Can Enhance Their Winter Outfit With One Piece

Winter outfits tend to be quite dark and similar. You have on one hand the widely popular casual style of wearing a pair of denim jeans and a black parka, and on the other hand there is another popular winter business casual style of wearing black jeans with a navy blue blazer and a wool coat. Of course you don’t always have to be like everyone else and actually use your creativity to create an entirely new look with just an extra added piece.

In this outfit we will discuss the top 5 ways how men can enhance their winter outfit with the addition of one piece. Let’s take a look.


This one is a no brainer when it comes to winter accessories. You can wear a dark colour scarf comfortably with almost any winter coat, which will kick up a notch on your outfit. Make sure that your coat does not include a hood, because it would look too bulky with an added scarf around your neck.

Ribbed Scarf Topman


From keeping your head warm to a stylish fashion accessory that can be worn more than 6 months a year, the beanie should be on your list of pieces to get in the winter months. Wear a beanie that is minimalist and that can be worn with a variety of outfits fashionably. 

Ribbed Beanie Topman

Leather Gloves

We are not taking about those cheap cotton gloves that does not look fashionable or keep your hands warm at all, but we are talking about insulated leather gloves. You can wear these gloves with a long wool coat or as part of an evening outfit.

Insulated Leather Gloves Topman

Light Colour Outerwear

Sometimes it is god to switch from the norms of the season to a completely unseen style. Try wearing a light warm jacket such as a beige puffer jacket with denim or black jeans and leather boots. You will be surprised at the positive contrast your outfit will look like.

The North Face Khaki Jacket

Running Shoes

Black leather boots can be seen on most men’s feet in the winter months, with the rare sighting of brown boots. Be different, wear your favourite running shoes when the ground is dry and there is no precipitation in the forecast. Your casual winter outfit will be unique  and stand…in a positive way of course.

Nike Air Force 1

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