Top 5 Ways How Men Can Make Their Outfit Look More Expensive In The Winter

There is always going to be those hater who will find something “wrong” with your outfit to criticize you. But really, who gives a damn? Typically, we tell others to not care about such disparaging remarks but one cannot feel a sense of pride from figuring out ways how to fend this type of negativity off. When it comes to fashion, not everybody has high income to afford the expensive name brand clothes.

This really doesn’t have to be the case if you know how to style your outfit a certain way to achieve that expensive look you want. In this article we will be discussing some tricks to use when dressing for the winter months. Also we will let you now what to avoid when creating an expensive outfit for cheap. Let’s take a look.


This one should be a no brainer in the winter months. Not only can wearing a scarf keep your neck warm in the cold winter months but also you will instantly have a more stylish appearance, especially if you are wearing a bulky winter jacket. Keep your scarf a dark colour such as black or navy blue to create that expensive look.

Leather Gloves

Keeping your hands warm in the winter should be a priority for all, because no one wants numb fingers and the uncomfortable feeling when they begin to warm up. Keep your hands warm in style with the addition of insulated leather gloves.

Black Leather Gloves Topman

Black Hat

Ok, it is a fact that in the winter months you are probably going to need to keep your head warm. That is why we recommend to only wear a black hat if you want to make your outfit look expensive. This is by far the best colour to wear when it comes to winter hats, also it just goes well with just about any type of winter outfit.

Black Lambswool Beanie Topman

Black Pants

Wearing denim jeans are cool and actually look really stylish in every season, but remember the goal is to look expensive. So, for this article we will chose to wear black pants instead. Wearing black pants whether it be black slim jeans or black wool pants, will give your outfit an expensive look. We all know stylish black clothing just looks more expensive!

Skinny Jeans H&M

Dark Brown Leather Boots

Yes, we all know that black leather boots are the most popular type of boots to wear in the winter months. But, what if we said that your attention should really be on wearing dark brown leather boots. Well, wearing these boots in your winter outfit will instantly give you an expensive look. Especially when you wear your dark brown leather boots with black jeans and a wool coat.

Clarks Brown Leather Boots Topman

Wool Coat

Surprisingly, you can wear a wool coat in the winter with a different variety of outfits. From office to casual winter clothes, the addition of the wool jacket will instantly give your outfit an expensive look. Footwear is important when you wear a wool coat, with boots and derby shoes being preferred.

Black Wool Coat H&M

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