Top 5 Ways How Men Can Wear A Polo Shirt In The Winter With Chelsea Boots And Look Stylish

Who says that wearing a polo shirt is only for the spring and summer months? This is completely false, as you can definitely wear a polo shirt stylishly in the winter paired with a variety of pieces. There is a sense of self respect when one wears a polo shirt, which can be included in a very casual or dressed up casual outfit.

In this article we will be discussing how men can wear a polo shirt in the winter paired with Chelsea boots for a stylish outfit. We will also be discussing some outfit ideas that you can implement with your outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Wearing a polo shirt layered underneath a blazer is one of the best business casual looks you can create. Wearing a black blazer to be more specific, can tie in well with your Chelsea boots. Choose to wear a light colour polo shirt which will complete the outfit. Your outerwear should be a black wool coat.

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Black Jeans

Forget about the cliches about not wearing white after labour day. Wear a white polo long sleeve shirt that will be tucked into your black slim jeans. Brown or black Chelsea boots can be worn. One tip to remember is that with any type of jeans, slim fitting jeans the best choice to wear when you want to tuck your shirt in.

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Whether you wear a dark or light colour pair of chinos, you will still need to figure out what your outerwear will be. Opt to wear something more classy such as a wool coat with a scarf as an accessory. Your Chelsea boots should be dark brown. Wear a polo shirt that is either black or navy blue for the best look.

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Dress Pants

You can easily wear a polo shirt to the workplace for a stylish business look. Be careful not to wear any bright colours as this will be seen as too playful and not serious. Wear a black tucked in polo shirt paired with navy blue dress pants. Your footwear should be black Chelsea boots. You can wear a blazer over the polo shirt if you are too cold.

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There is never a bad time to wear a cardigan in the winter and the same statement is true when wearing one with a polo shirt. Keep your cardigan simple and versatile by wearing a black coloured one while your polo shirt should be a light colour. This combination can go well with chinos, dress pants, and black jeans.

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