Top 5 Ways How Men Can Wear A Vest In The Winter Months To Look Stylish

A vest can come in many different styles and variations from a typical padded outerwear vest to a more formal piece worn with tuxedos or alone. You need to be careful when you decide to wear a vest as part of a casual outfit, making sure to get the right balance of pieces. In the winter months, this can be a bit more easier than in the summer with layering being the preferred ways to dress.

In tis article we will discuss the top 5 ways how men can wear a vest in the winter in both casual and business outfits. Also we will mention some tips to remember when wearing a vest, ok let’s take a look.

Padded Vest H&M

Knit Sweater

A simple casual outfit to try in the winter with a bubble vest would be to layer over a knit sweater. Black should be your preferred vest colour while your knit sweater can be a lighter colour such a beige or light brown. Wear slim denim jeans paired with black leather Chelsea boots.

Knit Sweater H&M

Turtleneck Sweater

Because a turtleneck sweater is going to be somewhat bulky, keep your bubble vest unzipped. This is to create a stylish look that will showcase your dark colour turtleneck sweater better than if it was fully zipped, which would look awkward because your neck area will be too bulky. Wear chinos or black jeans with this outfit and pair with Chelsea boots.

Knit Turtleneck H&M

Dress Shirt

Forget about wearing a blazer and dress pants to the office next time and instead opt to wear a dress shirt and vest combo. This can easily be achieved with a thorough understanding of colours. One tip to remember is that if your tuxedo vest is a light colour, then your dress shirt should be the complete opposite.

Tuxedo Dress Shirt H&M

Your tie should be a completely different colour to act as a statement piece.Wear a navy blue or black dress pants with your outfit which you can pair with black derby shoes.


A cool casual style you can wear in the winter with a bubble vest can consist of a hoodie and joggers. Your vest should be black while you can step outside of the box with your hoodie and either wear a light colour style or a graphic type. If you intend to wear a graphic hoodie, wear the vest unzipped to showcase the artwork. Wear grey joggers paired with all black running shoes.

Regular Fit Hoodie H&M


You can expertly layer a black or navy blue wool coat over a patterned tuxedo vest. This will be part of a business casual outfit, featuring black jeans and Chelsea boots. Underneath your vest, you can wear either a white dress shirt or a black long sleeve turtleneck. Keep your wool coat unbuttoned to show off your layering skills!

Wool Blend Coat H&M


  • Only wear an outerwear vest when the weather is above freezing
  • Have more than one colour of suit vest
  • A black vest will be more versatile than any other colour
Suit Vest H&M

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