Top 5 Ways How Men Can Wear Joggers In The Winter Months For A Stylish Casual Look

Wearing joggers can arguably be the most comfortable type of pants you will wear in the winter. You definitely will not feel cold denim material rubbing against your legs when you walk or the non existent weather proof dress pants. Joggers have seen a steady increase in popularity amongst men who like to wear comfortable, yet stylish clothing.

You would think that the only way on how to pair joggers would be with a hoodie and running shoes, but you are very wrong. There are many more outfits that can be created with this garment and which will be discussed in this article. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Now, we are not going to mention any type of hooded sweater because this is not your typical jogger outfit. We are talking about style and comfortability, which has lead us to mention knit sweater and cardigans. The type of knit sweater that you should wear with joggers should be a dark colour such as black or grey and preferably not tight fitting. A black cardigan can be worn with light grey joggers.

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A blazer you say? Yes, you can absolutely wear a blazer with your joggers, but make sure that they are black or navy blue. These dark jogger colours will be great to wear with either a patterned or black blazer. All black running shoes should be worn with this outfit.

Skinny Fit Blazer H&M

Denim Jacket

Wear a denim jacket when you are wearing black or navy blue joggers. While your denim jacket could be a dark wash, we recommend to wear a lighter wash denim jacket that is slightly oversized and lined inside. Brown or black leather combat boots can be worn with this outfit.

Denim Jacket H&M


Stick with wearing a black or navy blue parka when you are wearing joggers in the winter. While you could keep your footwear simple with the addition of a pair of black leather boots, we recommend to wear either all black or all black white shoes.

Warm Parka H&M

Types Of Joggers

Cotton joggers are by far the most common type you will see in the stores but finding a more stylist type called twill joggers will be difficult. We recommend to wear simple cotton joggers in colours such as light grey, black, navy  blue, and dark green. For twill joggers, black and navy blue are the best colours to wear.

Cotton Joggers H&M


  • Wear cargo joggers and a blazer as a cool yet stylish casual winter outfit
  • All black running shoes are recommended to wear with joggers
  • Your shirt should be comfortable yet stylish
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