Top 5 Ways How Women Can Look Stylish In The Winter While Wearing Jeans

Jeans are actually an all year type of clothing, which can be expertly crafted into any seasonal type of outfit that you wish to create. Take for example the warm summer months, which would include a simple denim jeans and t-shirt outfit. But when it comes to the cooler winter months, a bit more thought need to be placed on the specifics, as any mistake will lead you to become uncomfortable in the cod temperatures.

In this article we will discuss the top 5 ways how you can wear jeans in your winter outfits to keep your casual look stylish and practical. Let’s take a look.

Boyfriend Jeans

These are the type of jeans that are comfortable with the right amount of looseness that is extremely still stylish when paired with a black leather jacket. Keep your sweater stylish by wearing a beige turtleneck while your earrings and accessories should be medium size. Footwear should be a light colour ankle boots.

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Denim Jacket

For this outfit, we recommend to wear an oversized denim jacket paired with black jeans. This will give your outfit some contrast from top to bottom as well as keep your outfit looking cool. Wear white running shoes if the weather is not wet and keep your handbag small.

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Canvass Jacket

Wear a canvass jacket with black running shoes on those mild winter days. There can be some variation as to what type of jeans that you decide to wear, but ultimately, skinny black jeans will go well with the black running shoes. Wear a light colour crew neck cotton sweater underneath your canvass jacket.

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Shearling Jacket

A brown shearling jacket will always go well with a light wash denim jeans. Black ankle boots should be worn for footwear while your top should be a light colour. Wear a tucked in blouse for a really stylish outfit.

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Beige Blazer

This outfit is more for an office dress down day. This is the day that you want your co-workers to take notice and look at you more that just the one who wears office attire all day. Wear skinny denim jeans with a tucked in dress shirt. You can the layer with a beige blazer. Your footwear should be black ankle boots while your accessories should be medium size.

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