Top 5 Ways How Women Can Use Fashion To Look Taller

Not all people are born with an ideal height that is suitable for most outfits. Some have a disadvantage in regards to fashion when it comes to being small or tall in stature. This article will be about how to improve one’s height by utilizing fashion. 

Let’s take a look.


Flats are great with most outfits but there is one problem. You will still be short and that outfit that you are wearing won’t get recognized. Instead opt to wear footwear that will increase your height. Heels are a great choice especially when paired with a dress or skirt.



We all know about wearing pants with a belt but what about with a dress. When a belt is placed above the waist over a dress, the legs look longer which results in the person looking taller. Use this trick next time you decide to wear a dress.



Low rise jeans should never be worn as it gives the impression of shorter legs. Instead opt for a high waisted jeans preferably in a lighter colour. This will definitely make you look taller when paired with heels as well.


Coats & Jackets

A short person should not wear a long coat or jacket, as this will make them look even further. Instead opt for outerwear that sits at or above the waist. Bomber jackets are great for cooler weather.



An oversized or long t-shirt will not do any good in regards to making you look taller. Instead a t-shirt that sits above the waist should is the best option. Showing a bit of stomach is another way to add height while wearing this garment.


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