Top 5 Ways How Women Can Wear A Black Parka In The Winter With Ankle Boots

Wearing a parka in the winter is comparable to wearing shorts in the summer. Definitely, you can say that the parka is a staple to wear in the winter especially in the northern hemisphere. Since we know that the parka is not going anywhere soon, we need to make sure that our outfits differentiate from others. But how can you really create a stylish outfit that is different from your peers when wearing a parka jacket?

We will be discussing just that and also with the addition of ankle boots in your parka outfit. We will also share some tips to remember when deciding to wear a parka, ok, let’s take a look.

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Black Jeans

A winter outfit list would ever be complete without mentioning black jeans. You can easily wear skinny or slim black jeans paired with black leather ankle boots. A tucked in beige turtleneck can be worn to break up the black colour and which will create a very stylish look. 

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Black Cardigan

When you wear a black cardigan you have many options at your disposal. For instance, you can easily wear a plain long sleeve shirt underneath your cardigan, leaving it unbuttoned if you want. On the other hand, you can wear a black shirt underneath paired with black leggings, which will create a stylish all black casual outfit. 

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Denim Jeans

Wear denim jeans with a black parka and black ankle boots for a stylish weekend outfit. Keep in mind that your denim jeans can be any style you want, but skinny and mom jeans will work best with ankle boots. A simple knit sweater is all you need as a top.

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Choose to wear a turtleneck with your parka as part of a chic casual winter outfit. A good example would be to wear a beige turtle with grey leggings. You can wear black ankle boots and a black parka. Keep your accessories small because this is meant to be a simple outfit.

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Dress Pants

While your first choice should be a wool coat when wearing dress pants, wearing a parka is a good second option. If you decide to wear a parka, make sure that it is black and preferably without a furry hood. Dress pants colours such as black, grey, and navy blue are suitable colours to wear in the winter.

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  • Black is the most popular colour for a parka jacket
  • Leather ankle boots should be black or dark brown
  • Keep your hand bag small to medium size
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