Top 5 Ways How Women Can Wear Neutrals In The Winter To The Office And Look Stylish

There is something special about wearing neutral colours in the winter. First, you may feel a bit awkward because you are not wearing an outfit that is composed of all dark colours. But yet you will still feel mostly upbeat, similar to when you are wearing an outfit in early spring. Why is this? We can assume that the daily dark clothing that makes up the majority of our winter outfits can get a bit stale.

That is whey we have created this article, which is all about wearing neutral in your winter office outfit. We will be discussing some outfit ideas and tips that you can use as a guide when wearing neutrals. Ok, let’s take a look.

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For reference, neutrals colours are going to be black, white, grey, and beige.

Beige Pants

For a stylish business outfit, opt to wear a beige dress pants paired with black pumps. You can easily wear a tucked in white dress shirt, which you can also layer with a black cardigan if you become cold. This outfit is great to wear on those days that you want to avoid the attention but still want. To be recognized for your fashion sense. Your accessories should consist of a small bracelet and earrings.

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Grey Knit Sweater

Wearing grey is kind of like wearing a blank slate, you can easily pair this colour with a variety of different pieces and would not have any problem. This is why for this outfit, we will choose to wear a grey knit sweater paired with black jeans. Obviously this outfit will be reserved for a workplace with a less stringent dress code. Your footwear should be black ankle boots and your handbag should be medium size.

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Black Cardigan

Who doesn’t love to wear a cardigan? Well, there are many reasons why women love to wear a cardigan and comfortability is at the top of the list. You could argue that many women just like the fact that you can easily throw on a cardigan over any outfit and look great, but let’s stick with comfortability. Wear your black cardigan over a dress shirt for an added dimension to your office outfit.

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White Blazer

Now when wearing a white blazer in the winter months is a challenge, it can be done but only if you remember some rules. There are two aspects of fashion that you need to remember when wearing a white blazer to the office. Number one being that you should not wear another light colour piece underneath you white blazer, unless the weather is warm. And, number two is that your pants need to be a dark colour to break apart the outfit and keep it looking seasonal.

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Black Dress Shirt

Wear a black dress shirt by itself or underneath a blazer. If you decide to wear this dress shirt by itself, beige or grey dress pants will should be worn. On the other hand, you can easily layer a grey or beige blazer over a black dress shirt for a more business like look. Choose to wear a black dress shirt that fits well and is not oversized.

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