Top 5 Ways How Women Can Wear Ripped Black Jeans In A Casual Spring Outfit

When it comes to ripped jeans, there is no better colour to wear than black. This can be very true if you want to mix a bit of chic pieces in your outfit as well. In order to understand why it is more appealing to wear ripped black jeans than ripped denim jeans we must first understand the dynamics at play. While it is fairly easy to just throw on a pair of ripped denim jeans and a plain t-shirt, it will generally be more interesting to switch out the denim for black ripped jeans.

With black pants, there will always be more options to choose from when it comes to shirt selection. In this article we will be discussing the top 5 ways how women can wear ripped jeans in a spring outfit. Also, we will share some tips to remember when deciding to wear ripped black jeans, ok, let’s take a look.

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With A White Shirt

The classic combination of black and white is always a favourite amongst many women. The reason for this is that it is fairly easy to create a super stylish outfit effortlessly that can be simple. When it comes to ripped black jeans, opt to wear a skinny fit which will be paired with a half tucked in white long sleeve shirt. Footwear can be a pair of stylish black loafers. Use accessories to stand out from the crowd such as a medium size necklace and earrings.

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With A Denim Jacket

There is only one type of denim jacket that you should wear with black ripped jeans and that is going to be the regular style. Yes, there are many different colours of denim jackets available to choose from, but generally you want to stick with a regular denim jacket. Complimenting pieces include a grey or black shirt, while footwear can range from white running shoes to pumps.

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With An Oversized Shirt

Wearing an oversized shirt is either loved or hated amongst women and for good reason. We are not recommending to wear an oversized shirt per se, but we want to share how it can work with black ripped jeans if you wanted to try. With this type of outfit, loose fitting ripped black jeans will be your best option with your shirt being a light colour. Footwear should be heels to complete the look.

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High Waist Ripped Black Jeans

There are going to be shirts that will go better with a high waist ripped black jeans than a skinny or regular fit. You want to stick with wearing a plain top that is a solid colour and can be easily tucked in. So a white or black turtleneck, a plain t-shirt, or a blouse will be your best choice when deciding what type of shirt to wear. 

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Because you can easily wear ripped black jeans with a super casual or a more dressed up outfit, there will be a variety of complimenting footwear to choose from. For a super casual outfit, you can easily wear a pair of plain white running shoes. While for a more dressed up chic outfit, it is best to stick with dark colour pumps.

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