Top 5 Ways How Women With Long Hair Can Create A Stylish Casual Winter Outfit With Minimal Effort

We all know how many women tend to get ready before heading out of the door in the mornings. Things like mapping out in elaborate detail what you will wear for the next day the night before, but when the day finally arrives, you are there staring in the closet not knowing what to wear. Or, putting together a well thought of outfit, only to realize that because of your long hair, that patterned sweater you have on will not be suitable.

There are countless stories of long haired women who have a difficult time creating stylish winter outfits. In this article we will be discussing how women with long hair can create a stylish winter casual outfit with minimal effort. This article is especially for women with long hair who find it difficult to know what is complimenting and not distracting to their overall appearance. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Simplicity is going to be the main word to remember when creating a casual winter outfit effortlessly. This is because we do not want to take the attention away from your long hair, which is going to be a huge part of your identity and personality. When it comes to footwear in the winter months, leather boots will be your best friend with black leather ankle boots being worn the most often.

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Determining how casual your outfit will be is going to lead to what type of pants you decide to wear. A looser type of denim jeans for instance will serve you well in outfits that are meant for the weekends and are typically casual in nature. While for a more dressy look, opt to wear dark colour skinny jeans, preferably black.

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Your top selection will be the most important decision you make regarding your outfit. First of all, you do not want to wear a top that will take the eyes off of your hair and secondly, you need to choose a top that will tie in well with the rest of your outfit. That is why we recommend to stick with solid colours such as black, beige, navy blue, and grey. A sweater in any one of these colours will go well with black or denim jeans.

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There are really only two types of outerwear that will compliment your long hair in the winter months. One will be a dark colour wool coat and the other will be a puffer jacket without a hood. You should wear your wool coat mainly when you want a more dressed up outfit while your puffer jacket will go well with denim jeans and yoga pants. A black puffer jacket will be more versatile than any other colour.

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Your scarf, hat, and gloves should be black with no extra beads or anything else on them You want to keep your accessories simple as this will ensure that your overall outfit does not have something that pops out. Your long hair should be the focus.

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