Top 5 Winter Basics That Are Necessary For Men To Have In Their Wardrobe

There are specific basics that every man need to have in their wardrobe in the winter months. From pants to much needed accessories, these winter basics intended to be worn with a different variety of outfits. While some people might say that the most important piece should be a warm jacket, the reality is that having a pair of jeans that can go well with winter clothes is as important also.

 Let’s take a look the the top 5 pieces.


You definitely need to have some sort hat to protect your head from the often cold winter temperature. Wearing a beanie is the best choice to make as the comfortability and style will keep your head warm and will go well with your outfit. A black colour beanie will work best.

Black Beanie H&M

Black Jeans

When most people think of jean, then assume you are talking about denim jeans. While you can wear denim jeans in he winter, it is recommended to have a black pair of jeans in your wardrobe. Black jeans are extremely versatile and can be paired well with most sweater styles and colours.

Black Skinny Jeans H&M


One of the most comfortable tops that you will wear all season long, the hoodie should be you go to casual winter sweater. Wear your hoodie with black jeans, a wool coat, or with track pants. Avoid wearing a light colour hoodie, as a darker one would work better in the winter.

Plain Black Hoodie H&M


Black leather boots, Chelsea boots, and hiking boots are all perfectly fine to wear in the winter months. While black boots are the norm in the winter season, it is perfectly fine to wear dark brown and even beige colour boots also. One tip: when wearing any type of jean, wearing a black boots will be your best choice.

Black Leather Boots H&M

Wool Coat

There will be times that you wish you had a wool coat, but instead had to show up somewhere in business attire wearing a suit with a bulky parka over it. This is not the best first impression to make, as you will come off as having no fashion sense, which might hurt your confidence. Instead have a wool coat in your closet just in case the time arises and you need to wear it.

Double Breast Wool Coat H&M

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