Top Five 1990s Women’s Fashion Trends That Are Still Relevant Today

The 1990s was an exciting decade, filled with popular sitcoms such as Friends and emerging technological advancements that have shaped our world for today. But this article is not remotely about any of those things, we are a fashion website and as such we would like to look at the top 5 women’s fashion trends of the 1990s that are still popular today.

We will also see how you can incorporate 1990s fashion pieces in you modern day outfits to still look stylish.

1.  Denim Jeans & T-Shirt

This fashion trend has been going going steady ever since the early 1990s. Denim jeans are timeless in their out right, but there is something about the whole denim jeans with a tucked in t-shirt outfit that has managed to stay popular. The footwear has changed a bit from canvass shoes to popular running shoes from brands such as Nike.

Mom High Ankle Jeans H&M

2.   Slip Dress With A Graphic T-Shirt

The slip dress has been around for a while and had fallen out of favour in the early 2000s. But this dress is now as popular as ever, with the graphic or plain t-shirt under being popular amongst teenagers and young adults. 

Linen Dress H&M

3.   Leopard Print Shirt

Leopard print is one of the summer’s hotted trends. There is just something about a leopard print shirt paired with denim jeans. Footwear in the summer is usually comprised of a solid colour running shoes or flat sandals.

Hooded Shirt Jacket H&M

4.   The Windbreaker

It’s funny to think that before the 1990s, no one was really wearing a windbreaker jacket. The popularity of the windbreaker jacket has risen considerably ever since the year 2018 and has now become a Spring/Summer must have wardrobe staple. Popular styles are from Nike and Reebok.

Windbreaker H&M

5.   The Small Handbag

Look around the street today, and 2/3 woman are wearing a small handbag over their shoulder. This is not a coincidence, but rather a greater awareness of how having a large handbag will tend to be filled with irrelevant junk. This summer trend is now well known and those who do not own a small handbag should get on board asap.

Gucci Handbag Net-A-Porter

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