Top Ways How Women Can Wear The Iconic GAP Hoodie Year Round And Look Stylish

There is much to be said when you go out on the streets and see that iconic GAP logo on the front of a hoodie. This is precisely the exposure that GAP wanted with their highly visible logo, and has been around the fashion business for decades. The GAP hoodie comes in a variety of different colours and can is made of cotton.

In this article we will discuss different ways how women can wear this iconic GAP hoodie throughout the year and always look stylish. Let’s take a look.


This is when the cool weather is starting to go aways and days are becoming longer. Ideally, you should keep a rainproof jacket close by because of the threat of precipitation, but by wearing this hoodie on clear days, you will stay warm and look stylish. Wear a light wash denim jeans with a dark colour GAP hoodie. Footwear should be a dark pair of running shoes.

GAP Light Wash Jeans


While the warm summer months are not usually when you would wear a hoodie, you will certainly need to wear something warm for the cooler evenings. Wear a light colour GAP hoodie paired with denim shorts and sandals for a stylish summer evening outfit.

GAP Denim Shorts


Depending on your age, the GAP hoodie is an iconic piece to wear at school to be seen in. Recognizable because of its large logo, this hoodie is comfortable enough to withstand those boring classes. Style with track pants or denim jeans. Running shoes are preferred.

GAP Grey Sweatpants


This is the season to wear a GAP hoodie more often than not. Keeping you warm and stylish at the same time, you can pair this garment with denim jeans, track pants, or leggings effortlessly. Running shoes are the recommended footwear to wear with this sweater.

GAP Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

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