Track Pants Or Track Suit: Why Men Need To Know When To Wear

Nobody can forget the mad rush to the department stores to get your hands on one of those track suits in the 1980s. It was a statement of the 20 something year olds of then. For men, wearing the track suit gained them that much needed respect as being a tough guy. For women, the look was the envy of your peers, saying “I’m too cool.”

Now I know the track suit never left, but it is certainly making a strong statement as a mush have fashion piece right now. Thanks in part to the many celebrities wearing the tracksuit on their outings around Hollywood. Let us take a look on how to properly wear this two piece fashion garment properly.

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Track Pants

Appropriate Times

You can wear the track pants by itself much more often that wearing a full on track suit. Have a new t-shirt that you recently bought? Just wear track pants and ditch the matching top to reveal your new t-shirt. The possibilities are endless. Just don’t wear track pants with any type of dress shoes or heels. A matter of fact, running shoes are the only type of shoes that should be worn with track pants.

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Inappropriate Times

The Workplace is not the place for track pants, even if you work in a gym. Also, just because they are comfortable, that doesn’t excuse you from not wearing jeans or similar pants to your friend’s get together in their home. 

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Knowing the weather forecast beforehand is important if you plan on wearing track pants that day. A sudden burst of rain be sure to ruin your day. Who wants to be walking around with wet soft cotton track pants? Although drenched jeans is the worst.

Track Suit

Appropriate Times

It is universally acceptable to wear the track suit on a casual weekend day running errands. After all, you need to be in something comfortable after a long work week in dress pants and uncomfortable dress shoes.

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Inappropriate Times

It does not matter what your job title is, a track suit is definitely inappropriate. This is when many people take their fashion knowledge and throw it out of the door. For example, just because someone is a cleaner, they think that wearing a track suit is appropriate. It is not! Specific rigid material should be worn to prevent from cleaning chemicals putting a hole through the cloth.

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By the way, only children can get away with wearing a track suit any time of the day. Just because hey, who is wondering if the child is using any fashion sense? Haha.


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