Understanding the 5 W’s of Fashion: Essential Knowledge That Women Need To Know

Fashion has become more than just putting together some simple pieces of fabric and healing it together with a belt and buttons, it has evolved much more than that. Gone are the days when we only looked to the internationally recognized famous models for inspiration and a benchmark of good fashion sense.

Right now, it’s al about the average person’s individual style. Flaunting their fashion sense on social media for likes and follows, the fashion industry dynamics has really shifted.

Wide Blouse H&M

Who are you?

Define who you are as an individual first. Your personality is a huge factor in determining the way you wear clothes. An outgoing personality usually correlates with bright colours often worn with unique accessories to show individuality.

Paper-Bag Skirt H&M

What do you want to show the world about your style?

Ankle boots with shorts and a sweater would definitely show the world that you are one that creates your own rules when it comes to fashion. Let’s call these people mini trend setters. Always pushing the boundaries on what should “go” with a certain shoe or vice versa.

Long Dress H&M

Where do you source your garments from?

Are you always looking out for the newest collection, tirelessly researching the next fashion trend? There are also the people who wait until the hype of a new fashion trend dies down and grab discounted items. Still managing to pair those garments in such a way that you would think they went to fashion school.

Trench Coat H&M

When are you going to finally show people how you wear your garments?

Let’s face it, we all want to be the one that is looked at as the ultimate trend setter. Always wearing unheard of combinations of clothes or classic styles to show that we know all about fashion. Are you finally going to start your dream career of being a model? Well let’s say social media fashionista. Arguably the best place to be seen by designers.

Puff Sleeve Blouse H&M

Why do you wear your garments the way you do?

Do you wear that classic whit t-shirt even after labour day because you know how timeless a white t-shirt with black jeans really is? Or are you the one who will wear a button down shirt no matter how casual the occasion is? The real question why is your fashion sense better than others!

Fine Knit Turtleneck H&M

Remembering the 5W’s of Fashion will guide you on your endeavour of becoming the best of the best in regards to your style, you knowledge, and your skills at putting together any pieces of garment and Turing it into your own trend setting look. Other will always envy your style and ask you for advice on their own fashion choices. Don’t forget to tell them to like and follow!

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