How Women Can Wear All Black Fashion In The Sprig Season And Look Great

This has been going on for centuries, but in the earlier days many cultures would only wear all black clothing at specific times. Either at a funeral or someone has become a widow and it was seines custom to wear all black for the rest of their lives.

Woman wearing all black with a fur jacket

Now we don’t discriminate against wearing all of any colours together, but one should be careful not to over do the look. This is a mini guide on how to successfully wear all black clothes, and look great doing it.

Accessories Are Key

The contrast alone is one of the main reasons to add any accessory to your look. A gold watch, a colourful necklace, even a light scarf can all accentuate your all black look. Even something as small as different coloured buttons or zipper can go a long way.

Gucci Handbag Net-A-Porter


Not all fabrics should be paired together, especially if they are the same colour. Imagine wearing a wool long sleeve shirt, a wool dress pants, and wool socks, all black. This would not be a good look and would rather have many perceive that you do not know what you are doing. Instead, a wool pants with a cotton shirt would be better suited to the all black look.

Dress Pants H&M

Look Slimmer

The real reason why many wear all black is because of the allusion of being slimmer than you really are. You can take advantage of this by wearing tighter fitting garments. This look is also guaranteed to make you feel great. Who wouldn’t want that?

V-Neck Dress H&M

Gone are the days of all black being associated with being gloomy and sadness. More than ever the all black look can be seen from workplaces to being official company uniforms to the runways of many fashion weeks. This look is here to stay.

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