Wearing Camouflage For Fashion Not For Military Duty. A Guide For Men And Women

Does this print really ever go out of style? I’m sure there are some people who do not like the mere existence of camouflage print because of the connections to military and war. But there is no denying that the camo print clothes are a result of style and nationalism. With a pinch of the “cool” and “bad ass” persona attributed as well.


As the 1980s emerged, so did to incoming egoistic fashion style. Gone were to flower prints and hippie, loving fashion of the 1970s an 1960s. The 1980s brought in bold prints and statement outfits to the masses. The roaring rock culture of was one of the first to embrace camouflage wear, most notably the pants. These styles were quickly picked up by the young generation of rebels, who did not want to be apart of mainstream fashion. Steadily gaining popularity for the decade, camouflage fashion took a pause for a couple of years until the early to mid1990s.

Woman wearing camouflage jacket

The hip hop music scene is said to have been the main factor in bringing camouflage fashion into the mainstream fashion word. Many popular artist of that time would regular wear ‘camo gear’ as they called it in their music videos and while performing at concerts. The young really connected to the rebel do not care attitude of the rappers and started to wear their own camo clothes.

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Fashion tends to come and go in trends. This is particularly accurate in describing camouflage fashion. By the year 2000, camo fashion was all but bead. The shift went towards oversized solid colour pants and shirts for men and denim pants and solid colour tops for women.

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As we speak, many ambitious designers are looking for way on how to incorporate camouflage print into their designs. Camouflage print in fashion has once again become popular, ever since the year 2016. Industry insiders believe that camo fashion is here to stay for a while along with other earlier trends.

Woman wearing camouflage jacket with boots

Styles For Women

A popular camouflage style for women right now, is to wear a camo pat and combine with a solid colour shirt with minimal accessories. This style is great for showing someone as being fierce and could describe them as a tough individual as well. Another popular style is wearing a button down camouflage collared shirt with distressed skinny jeans or black leggings.

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Styles For Men

The camouflage pants are definitely mainly worn by men. These pants are usually straight cut, and can be worn with a dark coloured shirt. Another popular style to wear is a camouflage jacket similar to ones worn in the military. These jackets can prove to be really versatile for people who live in busy cities, making use of the many pockets to keep ones accessories.

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The camouflage fashion is one that needs careful analysis to execute properly. You only need to combine a few minimalist garments to achieve the desired look of style and cool. Please leave a comment if you enjoy to wear camouflage clothes.

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