Wearing Muted Solid Tones For A Stylish Organic Look : Guide For Women & Men

What exactly does muted solids mean? You can describe it in regards to fashion to those clothes that have a more subtle colour and tone than compared to, for example a bright red shirt. Each piece is full of life and is the ultimate source of our well being, so why not include muted tones such as earthy browns, greens, and oranges?

With wearing muted solids you will use more of your personality to define your style. Because the colours are not so pronounced, you can add a bit of flash to your outfit by adding accessories of different sizes. In this article we will be discussing the best ways how men and women can wear muted tones in their spring outfit. Also, we will share some tips to remember when deciding to wear muted tones. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Formal Wear

If you intend to wear a formal outfit one good choice to try would be a muted casual outfit. Opt to wear soft colours that can easily be paired with black pumps and a black handbag. Colours such as beige, soft pink, light purple, and powder blue should be your best choice.

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Sophisticated Casual Wear

A great look to try is that compromising of sophistication and a bit of casual. You can achieve this look by sticking with basic cuts with an emphasis on your footwear. A dark green blazer can be paired with a slightly orange/reddish colour pants with a clay coloured halter top underneath. Black pumps should be worn to complete your look.

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Casual Wear

For the warmer months a good casual outfit to wear should include a dress. A slim fitting mustard colour cotton dress will go well with a biker leather jacket for the cooler evenings. Your footwear should be canvass, as this would go extremely well to complete your casual dress look. Vans or Pony running shoes are recommended.

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Business Casual Wear

Even though many men find it hard to style with a brown blazer, that is exactly what we would recommend.With a white cotton dress shirt, you can also wear a cream coloured chinos. Your footwear should be either loafers of leather boots.

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Casual Wear

Wearing kaki pants is a good base for a colour muted outfit. For the warmer months you can wear these pants with a forest green flannel shirt. Keep your footwear aligned with your outfit by wearing brown or reddish shoes.

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  • Avoid wearing highly contrasting colours
  • Avoid pairing neutral colours such as black or white clothing with muted colours. Accessories are fine to be in a neutral colour
  • Avoid big patterns when wearing muted colours
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