How Women And Men Can Wear Velvet For The Perfect Balance In Class And Style

We all know of red velvet cake, with its smooth and rich texture, with an amazing taste, but we are not talking about food. What we are talking about is the fabric named velvet. Many celebrities and style icons have chosen to wear velvet pieces only exclusively to ultra classy events. That was before!

Now wearing velvet has become a modern day fashion statement. You now have many styles of velvet blazers for men and women and also velvet accessories such as neck ties and and shoes. But how can we wear velvet for occasions not only reserved to be formal but in our daily lives without looking like a total attention seeker? Let’s find out.


Formal Wear

The classic black velvet dress cannot be understated in its appeal to many women who attend formal functions. The natural soft look with its shimmer are some of the most unique qualities of a velvet dress. For a contract, your accessories can be minimal so that the focus can be on your dress.

Velvet Dress H&M

Casual Wear

This is a tricky one. On one hand velvet is naturally a shimmering material. As such, you gain this look of opulence which is not really  needed in your casual look. But to wear velvet in a casual situation means to ditch the dresses and go with pants. Velvet racks pants are great for a day around town of a trip to the shopping mall.

Velvet Pants H&M


Formal Wear

Of corse the top formal velvet look for men is the blazer. A velvet blazer can be a powerful tool in any occasion but mainly in a formal setting. This type of blazer can be paired with cotton dress pants and a collared dress shirt. If you wanted to look like a million dollars, this is your look.

Velvet Blazer Topman

Casual Wear

So how can men really wear velvet  casually you say. Well, footwear is the part we will focus on right now. Velvet loafers are great for most days out providing the weather is not wet or cold. Velvet loafers come in many colours and can optimally be paired with a straight cut denim jeans for the best casual style. 

Loafers Topman

As you can see velvet is a great addition to any wardrobe. Just make sure not to over do it! Please leave a comment to let us know if you own any velvet garments,


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