What Exactly Does It Mean To Dress For A Black Tie Event

Dressing for a black tie event can be as simple as putting on an elegant dress to being entirely confused about what to wear due to non communication with the host. You see, black tie attire is not set in stone, from one individual host to another this can mean different things. One host might want women only to wear a long dress while the other could be entirely fine with women wearing a mini skirt.

Let’s take a look at some appropriate outfits men and women can wear to such an event.


Men have no other choice when attending a black tie event then only to wear a black tuxedo outfit. This consists of a black dinner jacket with matching black dress pants. A tucked in white dress shirt is worn with a black tie around the collar. Footwear will consist of wearing black dress shoes paired with black dress socks.

Tuxedo H&M


On the other hand women have some choice as what to wear to a black tie event. The most common choice that many women choose to wear to such event is a long black dress outfit consisting of a small clutch bag, medium sized accessories, and elegant heels. The hairstyle is usually put up and full makeup is applied.

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Depending on the host, a white cocktail dress is another popular choice for attendees paired with heels and medium sized accessories. A black jumpsuit can be worn if the host is open to creativity with the outfits.

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