What Is That? How An Outrageous Accessory Can Ruin Any Woman’s Spring Look

Ever stepped into to workplace, only to find your colleagues staring at you with a confused look? Ever wonder why people only complimented you on your effort but not your overall look? Well, it is because of that huge brooch on you chest.

You see, even a well crafted outfit can get completely ruined with the wrong accessories paired with it. Let us look at some ways on how to avoid this costly mistake and to ensure that we take our style to the next level at the workplace.

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When To Accessorize

It is not always beneficial to accessorize with every outfit you choose to wear to work. In fact many garments, when put together properly, do not need any type of accessory to complete the outfit. The challenge for many people is that their perceived fashion sense is lacking. Not knowing how to put together different fabrics and colours to create the best outfit possible.

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For example a woman works at a professional office. She wears a matching coloured blazer with a skirt. Both are navy blue. The top she is wearing is a collared dress shirt which is white. She has decided to wear black heels as she wants to keep a more conservative look. 

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In this scenario, the is absolutely no reason for her to show up wearing a silver brooch, with silver necklace, and more than two rings. This will indeed be counterproductive to her stated goal of dressing conservative for the day. 

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Accessories should only be worn in circumstance when you really want to draw the attention to the accessory in particular and not the outfit. Many people do not understand this concept. Yes, I know all over the fashion world accessories are always on a trend, but we can safely say that the whole accessories thing is overrated.

The Types Of Accessories To Wear

Big rings, big necklaces, brooches, big bracelets. The larger the accessory, the more your colleagues will think that you are trying to pull the attention away from your outfit. This will lead them to believe that your fashion sense is lacking. Instead, show up to work most often with the minimum if not any accessories

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They will be sure to focus solely on your outfit only. This can create a great situation for you, leading to questions about what to buy and pieces to put together. Or if you can’t put an outfit together, they will begin to doubt that you have any fashion sense and style at all.

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