What Men Should Wear On A Business Trip While Travelling Through The Airport In The Winter

Travelling in the winter comes with its own challenges particularly when travelling by airplane. There is a misconception amongst business travellers that you should always travel looking the part. Meaning that you should have on your suit and tie while carrying around luggage and feeling tired. This should not be the case and we will discuss alternatives throughout this article.


Wear what is comfortable firstly and think about looking stylish secondary. There is no reason to be travelling in the middle of winter and show up at the airport wearing a blazer and dress pants but not have on a warm coat. Remember, you will be thousands of feet in the air and the temperature will get even colder, it is important to stay warm. A great option to wear is a long wool coat, which will tie into your business attire.

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If you are wearing dress pants then there is not going to be much options to choose from except dress shoes. But you if you decide to travel in a casual outfit then your options open up considerable. Running shoes will go great with track pants and leather boots will go great with pants such as denim jeans and chinos.

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It depends on if you want to travel in business attire or not. Unless you are going to meet your business partners at your destination airport, there is no absolute need to travel wearing a business suit. Instead, opt to wear track pants, denim jeans, or chinos for a more comfortable travel. Dark colour pants will always go well with many shirts in the winter months.

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If you are going to travel in casual attire, then wearing a sweater is a great option. A simple sweater such as a cotton crew neck will be entirely fine with denim jeans or track pants. While wearing a cashmere sweater will go well with dark colour chinos.

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