What Should Be Inside A Man’s Summer Closet

Summer is one of the best times of the year to show off your new clothes and style. But before you start to stock up for summer, ask yourself if you even know where to begin. It is not as simple as having one pair of shorts, one fresh new running shoes, or your favourite graphic t-shirt. 

At coatFibers we take pride in the fact the our magazine section is full of how to’s and advice to enhance your fashion knowledge and style. As so we know that our readers wouldn’t research before making a decision on their summer wardrobe. Let’s list some must have items to have inside your closet for the summer.

Running Shoes

  • In order to make sure most of your outfits are paired seamlessly with your footwear, it is recommended to have at least two pairs. One black and the other a lighter colour.

White Socks

  • Trust us on this one. Black or any other socks are perfectly fine, but for the summer nothing brings out your footwear such as a bright white pair of cotton socks. This should be mandatory when you decide to wear shorts.


  • One of the best all around pants suitable for work and play. Not the summer make sure to wear a lighter colour such as kaki.

Polo Short Sleeve Shirt

  • The Polo short sleeve is great to wear to a lunch out with friends or a casual walk in the city.  A solid colour would work best with any outfit.

Plain T-Shirt

  • Any colours are fine, but be sure not to forget the mandatory black and white plain t-shirts. These two can go well and any pants you choose to wear.


  • A dark coloured shorts can be a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Something such as a forest green colour shorts can be paired with an all black running shoes.

Dress Shirt

  • A plain white dress shirt can be worn in the evening at dinner in a restaurant. A smart casual style would be to pair your dress shirt with your kaki chinos.

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