What Women Can Wear With White Jeans For The Best Looking Summer Outfits

Undoubtedly white clothing has always been associated with the warm summer months, from white shirts to white pants. But should you even attempt to wear white jeans in the summer to anyplace other than a festival? Well the answer is a big yes! A summer wardrobe is not complete without the addition of a pair of white jeans.

There are numerous ways how a woman can wear white jeans and look stylish all summer. From pairing their white jeans with running shoes to cream coloured pumps, there is always a chic outfit that can be created with the implementation of white jeans. Let’s take a look at some outfits.

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With A Dress Shirt

Opt for a tucked in dark colour dress shirt when going out in the evening while wearing white jeans. This style can be complimented with medium accessories and a small tote bag. For footwear, opt for a classic pair of cream colour pumps.

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With A White Blazer

White on white can be a difficult look to achieve due to the fact that you will literally be covered in white from head to toe. So in order to create contrast, wear a light colour shirt such as sky blue. Ankle boots will work well with this outfit as the blazer is a touch of formal wear which is great if you are heading to an art gallery or out to dinner.

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With An Off-Shoulder Top

This outfit is a summer favourite amongst many women due to the fact that this look is bot chic and practical. Opt for a dark colour off-shoulder to to accompany your white jeans. Flat sandals are great as footwear. Also large accessories always go great with an off-shoulder top.

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With A Navy Blue Blouse

Navy blue goes great when paired with white. This is good news for your summer white jeans outfit. A tucked in navy blue blouse paired with suede pumps is all you need to complete this outfit.

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With A Dotted Shirt

Any colour dotted shirt will go well with white jeans in the summer except white dots. A good outfit can consist of a dark purple and light blue dotted shirt paired with flat sandals and medium sized accessories.

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  • Don’t just limit your white jeans to a skinny fit, a wide cut can also be extremely stylish
  • Wear your white jeans mostly on sunny summer days which will always look better than on overcast days
  • Use bleach and warm water when washing to take out any stains off of your white jeans

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