What Type Of Dress You Should You Wear To A Spring Wedding As A Guest

Mid-way through Spring to the end of Summer is that time of the year. Everyone you know seems as if they are getting married, as if they planned anything together! The weather is beautiful, or should we say cooperative for those great photographs. Of the bride and groom. So inevitably, you will be receiving an invitation to attend a spring wedding.

Now the tricky part starts of what you should wear to such an occasion. Pastels, floral print, or darker colours? All are completely fine to wear but you should focus on picking a dress that will make to bride happy and that will let your personality shine. There is no reason to show up in a bland dress, just to not stand out. 

At coatFibers we always strive for our readers to think and dress fashion forward. Meaning to take the knowledge you have learned from our magazine and use your creativity to achieve a great outfit for any occasion. Let’s take a look at some types of dresses you can wear.

Floral Print Dress

There is the classic light coloured floral print dress that is well suited f a hot summer day. This dress makes a strong statement so a cream colour shoes should be worn. Accessories should be kept to a minimal. Darker floral prints can be worn more often than you think. Just remember to wear this type of dress long. Highlighting your look with slighter larger accessories.

Draped Dress

This type of dress is ideal for a late spring wedding with an emphasis on the evening. Not only can you look god fr the ceremony but with this dress comes versatility for the dinner and other evening events. A light colour with dark accents is perfect.

Cocktail Dress

The sheer versatility of this dress should be one of the main reasons wedding guests should highly contemplate choosing this. The sleek look will keep many wedding guests giving you envious looks in the day time and evening. Accessories are not needed.

Lace Dress

You have to be really careful with this one. The main point of choosing what dress to wear is to make sure that it does not look bridal in any way. The lace dress need to be a shades darker than the colour white. A warm colour will be fine such as purples or blues.

Off Shoulder Dress

With this dress you can play with colours a bit. A good choice would be to wear a dress with a lighter colour as a base blending in with a darker colour. Wear unique earrings as an accessory.


Nude heels and black or white lace sandals are your safest choice when you attend a wedding as a guest. A good tip is if the dress you are wearing is intricate with ruffles and bright colour prints, then your footwear should be kept simple with a nude colour. 

Please comment and let us know your favourite dress to wear as a spring wedding guest.


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