What Type Of Footwear Men Should Wear With Certain Pants To Always Look Stylish

Have you ever wondered why it is rare to see someone wearing leather boots with their shorts in the warm summer months? Or What about wearing sandals with their track pants in the winter months? There is a reason for this and that can be attributed to the simple fact that these combinations do not go well together.

In this article we will be discussing the best type of footwear to wear with particular pants. This will also feature some tips to remember as to not make embarrassing mistakes that can be detrimental to your style. Let’s take a look.

With Chinos

Chinos are a unique type of pants that can be worn in a variety of settings from dress down casual to being paired with a wool blazer with a button down shirt. Depending on what type of outfit you want to create, there is a variety of options of footwear to choose from that will suit your needs. For a dressed up outfit, opt for stylish shoes such as desert boots and loafers. While for a more casual look opt for minimalist running shoes such as canvass vans or an all white running shoes.

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With Shorts

Wearing shorts is usually done in the warm summer months, so you need footwear that will keep your feet cool and breathable. This means that boots are not on a viable type of footwear to wear. Opt to wear running shoes or sandals, as this is the most appropriate types of footwear to wear. 

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With Athletic Pants

We all know that wearing athletic pants such as joggers and fitness pants outside of the gym is extremely popular. Because of the comfortability of these garments, inherently the recommended footwear to wear will be running shoes. Choose your type of running shoes based on your personal needs, which is even more important if you are going to be wearing this outfit before preforming some fitness activity.

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With Dress Pants

Wearing these type of pants will be familiar to professionals that work in an office environment as their employment. The business nature of the workplace tends to not look favourably on wearing anything out of the ordinary, so running shoes, sandals, and sometimes even loafers are not going to be footwear options to choose from. Instead, wearing footwear such as derby shoes, chelsea boots in the winter months, and dress shoes are the most preferred types of footwear.

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With Denim Jeans

The absolute most popular type of pants for men to wear will have to be denim jeans. While casual in nature, a lot of different type of pieces can be utilized to create a more dressed up type of outfit. With the addition of a blazer, you should opt to wear a more stylish type of footwear such as Chelsea boots or loafers. While it you are wearing a completely casual type of outfit such as denim jeans and a t-shirt, footwear such as running shoes or sandals will go well.

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  • Winter months will require footwear that will keep your feet warm such as boots
  • Wear a solid white or black running shoes for a more versatile type of casual footwear with denim bottoms
  • Sandals really only go well with shorts, limit wearing sandals with denim jeans 
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