What Women Can Wear In The Summer When They Have Nothing To Wear To Beat Outfit Fatigue

There is something that happens to every woman no matter what the season is. One day you will stare into your closet, arguably for longer that you would want to and realize that you supposedly have nothing to wear. Yes, although this is completely false, nonetheless you are still stumped as what you should wear for the day. This is incredibly a difficult position to be in and can be frustrating, especially in the summer months. 

The reason for this is because there needs to be a complete shift in the way in which you assemble your summer outfit. So yes, that means that you do not always need to create an elaborate summer outfit complete with the latest accessories and expensive pieces. 

Short Denim Shirt H&M

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how women with supposedly nothing to wear can create beautiful summer outfits that are minimal and require little thought. Also, we will share some tips that you can remember that will be useful for summer style. Ok, let’s take a look.


Forget about wearing that expensive blouse or off shoulder crop top and switch to something more easy and casual. We recommend to wear a plain t-shirt or preferably a linen shirt. When it comes to wearing a plain t-shirt in your summer outfit, there needs to be some discretion in the colour that you select. For an outfit featuring denim jeans, it is best to stick with either a beige or white plain t-shirt. This will go really well tucked in to high waist mom jeans.

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When it comes to wearing a linen top in your summer outfit, stick with colours such as beige or white. There is no point in wearing a short sleeve linen top as the long sleeve version is perfectly fine. Wear your long sleeve linen top with linen pants, denim shorts, or a short denim skirt.


There really is not much to say when it comes to what type of pants that you should wear when you have those brain freeze days and can’t figure out what type of outfit to create. We recommend to stick with something easy and that will be versatile such as mom jeans or linen pants. These two pieces are great to either dress up or dress down in and can be complimented with the addition of a stylish shirt.

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Your mom jeans should be high waist and can be complimented with either leather sandals or a pair of white running shoes. While on the other hand, when wearing linen pants, stick with more stylish shoes such as brown leather loafers or flat sandals.


As we mentioned in this article, footwear such as white running shoes and flat sandals will be your best friends in the summer months. Just make sure that you do not make some common mistakes such as wearing flat sandals with leggings or with joggers. And also avoid wearing loafers with anything except long pants.

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