What Women Should Not Wear While Travelling By Flight To Be Comfortable And Always Look Stylish

Travelling is fun for some people but for others it can be a real inconvenience that more often time than not will have delays and sudden temperature changes. This is why it important to compare our departure outside temperature to your final destination outside temperature. Doing this alone will have a positive impact on your outfit decision and travel experience.

In this article we will discuss the fashion pieces that women should not wear while travelling. The selected pieces are based on comfortability, practicality, and appearance. Let’s take a look.


You might be saying to yourself that hey, wearing a skirt is as comfortable as it can get while travelling. Well, comfortability does not equate to practicality. In the real world, wearing a skirt while traveling will leave your uncovered legs to get cold from the inside airplane limit, which is typically cold air.

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What real reason does someone have to wear heels while travelling on an airplane? Most likely they are doing it for fashion and nothing else at all. While this behaviour can be called really foolish, it is not that uncommon to see this sight. There will be extremely sore once they arrive at their destination.

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Thick Jacket

Even if the weather is cold outside, you should take off your jacket on the airplane ad put on a warm sweater. Doing this will help clear some space for you and your fellow passengers beside you, also you will not overheat with a sweater on instead.

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Large Handbag

When travelling on an airplane, it is best to be as practical as possible. This should even be the case with your handbag. Carrying a small to medium size handbag is best for the main reason that you can easily stow it under the seat in front of you. This will avoid having to get up often to get something from your handbag in the overhead compartments.

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Large Hat

There is no point on wearing a large hat while travelling on an airplane. Instead if you really need to wear a hat for whatever reason opt for a simple cap and switch it out when you arrive at your destination if it is needed.

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