What’s Up With Those Stripes: How Women Can Wear Stripes To Look Good In The Spring

Wearing stripped clothes has been around for some time now with many theories as to the real importance of stripes to the fashion world. Remember when vertical striped clothes, especially in a dress and dress shirts, were all the rage in the late 1990s and early 2000s? It’s funny now when you look back because you can hardly find people wearing stripped clothes.

Weather it is due to lack of understanding of how to properly create a good looking outfit or the fear of being too noticed, there are all questions that will be addressed in this article. We will take a look at how to create the perfect outfit and also if you should even attempt to wear stripes.

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Horizontal Stripes

The key to wearing a horizontal striped top (only a top), is that if you need to be slim. If you have a rather large stomach, this look will not work. The reason for this is because the horizontal stripped top will create a widening effect to look at. Usually only a slimmer person can get away with such a pattern.

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Also, you can lessen the widening effects of these type of stripes by including elements of vertical stripes into the entire outfit. This may be a challenge to many because of the overuse of stripes.

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Vertical Stripes

The best option would be to wear vertical stripes for a dress or oversized shirt, that’s it! This style of clothes is much more versatile that horizontal stripped clothes, for the fact that you can wear many more styles with vertical stripes.

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Also, vertical stripped clothes tend to elongate the figure. Giving the perception that someone is slimmer and taller can be a plus for someone of short stature.

Remember that you can ultimately opt to not wear any typed of striped clothes altogether. Follow this advice in order to avoid the embarrassment of wearing the wrong type of stripes, bringing your style sense to new possibilities.

Let us know if you like to wear stripped clothes often. Please leave a comment.


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