When To Find The Best Deals On Summer Clothes In Stores And Online

Deals are what we all want in life, from clothing, to food, and even to buying a new car. Why wouldn’t we want to enjoy any type of discount on items provided to use. Usually these “deals” are more often referred to as “tricks” as the retailer marks up the price from the original weeks in advance before seemingly deciding to have a 50% off sale. 

But we are not talking about these types of “deals” but real discounts that are guaranteed to surface if you know when to find them. End of season clearance is the best time to find deep discounts usually from 40% to 70% off. Let’s talk a bit more about clearance items, weekend discounts, and flash sales.

Clearance Sale

This is by far the best time to find deep discounts on just about everything in the store that is currently in season. The typical time for an end of season sales is around the last few weeks of the current season. So for summer this would be around the first week of September. Also, some sales are labelled clearance but in actuality the store is going out of business, so technically this is called a bankruptcy sale.

Regular clearance sales are returns that are slightly damaged such as some thread coming out or if the item was stretched too much while someone tried it on. Also sizes that are not common will end up finding their way to the clearance section sooner or later.

Weekend Sale

Long weekends are a great time to find some discounts on popular clothing. Be careful to do your homework on prices as the retailer might. Have risen the prices weeks before, only to then create a discount for this type of sale. Not really any saving at all for the customer, is there? Just be careful to double check prices from before, maybe you might get lucky and save some money.

Flash Sale

This type of sale is very uncommon and when they do come around the discounts are great. Email subscribers of some retailer will be the first people to know if and when a retailer will be having a flash sale. At most, this will only happen twice per yer for top retailers so keep an eye out for you subscriptions in your inbox.


  • Returns are generally not accepted on clearance items
  • Some retailer offer an exchange within a limited time frame
  • Have some extra cash on hand as a retailer might create a pop up shop to sell their clearance items.

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