The Best Type Of Socks That Women Can Wear In The Spring For Any Outfit

Look at your feet right now. Most likely you are wearing white cotton socks. Yes those athletic ones meant for only a specific type of shoe. Running shoes. How often is it that we subconsciously by default, put on white socks knowing that we will be wearing inappropriate shoes for said socks?

We are all guilty of this one time or another. Going out to the store to buy some groceries, ok. White sport socks and boots. It’s alright as long as you have not committed the mistake of white socks and dress shoes…

Lets the a look at what type of socks are appropriate for the type of shoes worn.

Socks For Running Shoes

As mentioned earlier, the running shoe performs better with breathable socks. Mainly cotton sport socks but colour choice is crucial. Why would someone wear red crew sport socks with a yellow shirt and green shorts paired together? You really can’t go wrong with black or white cotton sport socks. Ankle socks or crew cut socks are fine depending on your preference.

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Socks For Loafers Or Pumps

This type of shoe has much less space inside for your feet than running shoes. As such, you would need to wear some type of dress socks. Wool blend dress socks socks work the best. Cotton dress socks can get a bad smell in the summer months due to lack of breathability. 

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Dark or Light Colour Socks

Amongst the fashion world, it is widely accepted that one should wear darker coloured socks most of the times. There is one exception, wearing white cotton sport socks with a clean pair of running shoes. The white socks will really enhance the clean shoes while showing people around you that you have an active lifestyle. Well that’s what they will assume hahaha.

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Ankle Socks

This type of socks should be worn with low cut types of shoes. The summer months are great for these type of socks. The low cut will help your lower legs stay cool and also the cut is great to show off your legs in shorts or a dress.

Nike Ankle Socks

Please don’t be that person who just puts on any clean socks they find when they go out. Remember that selecting the right socks is as important are choosing the right shoes to go with your pants. 

Please comment below to let us know how you wear your socks.


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