Who Said Flannel Shirts Are Only For Farmers? How Men And Women Can Wear This Casual Shirt In The Spring

The classic farmer attire called flannel shirts have been making a steady comeback since the hight of popularity of the early 1990s. With its slightly raised cotton or wool fabric, it is no wonder why this shirt was considered everyday wear for a farmer. Adopted mainly by the grunge fashion trend, this shirt can now be spotted amongst men and women on the streets and runways.

But how can one effortlessly wear a flannel shirt to complete a stylish outfit? For starters, there are often two types of flannel shirts, checkered or plain. The checkered style is the most popular amongst men and women. Let’s take a look at some ways how one can wear a flannel shirt.

Casual Style

The checkered flannel shirt is one of the coolest garment you can own, it just says casual. Especially in the spring season, wearing a flannel shirt can be paired with a pair of jeans and running shoes for most looks. Let’s take a look at some styles that men and women can wear.

Flannel Shirt H&M


Wearing a flannel doesn’t mean that one should get all super casual with their outfit. For starters, the colour choice of the shirt should compliment your overall look and not be too expressive. Remember this is a casual look you want to achieve. This means you want to stick to jeans instead of track pants or anything similar.

Flanel Shirt H&M

Denim jeans paired with a mild coloured checkered flannel shirt can be a great casual look, which says smart as well. You can either wear a solid colour running shoes or for a notch up in your casual style, you can wear leather lace up boots. Be careful to only wear a solid colour t-shirt under such as black or white if you will be wearing your shirt buttoned down.


There are two main factors that will determine which fit your flannel shirt will be. One being your choice of pants or shorts and the other factor in determining your flannel shirt fit is what look you want to achieve. For a super casual look, one can decide to wear a dark coloured leggings paired with an oversize checkered flannel shirt. Unbuttoned with revealing a white tank top of t-shirt underneath. 

Flannel Shirt H&M

To up your flannel shirt look, jeans should be worn instead. A pair of black jeans with white running shoes would surely stand as a stylish casual look. The choice of flannel shirt should have white in the checkered pattern to compliment the shoes.

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