Why Every Woman Should Wear The Colour Red At Least Once Per Month For The Sake Of Sanity

Red dresses, red shoes, red shirts, there is so much choice when it comes to wearing the colour red that it does not make sense to not wear red clothing. Many women believe that wearing red clothing should be reserved for when you want to make a fashion statement. A good example would be to show up to a gathering wearing a red dress. Of course people are going to look..well because of such a bold colour and jealousy thats why! 

But there is also many other benefits of wearing red predominantly in an outfit. Some examples include to give a boost to your regular everyday wardrobe, to boost your confidence, and also just to remind yourself that sometimes it is ok to step outside of the box and wear an outfit that is completely in your face so to say. 

Let’s take a look at some inspiring outfits that feature the colour red predominantly that are both stylish and chic.


For a toned down red dress outfit opt for something a bit more loose that is easy to move in. This dress can be paired with pumps or loafers for a relaxed look. Keep your accessories medium size.

Midi Dress Net-A-Porter

If you need an outfit to go to an event then wearing a red dress is the right choice. With this outfit we are going to go all out. This means that the dress should hug your body in a way that is stylish and chic. A small handbag should be carried as well as medium size jewellery to complete your look. Wear pumps as footwear.

One-Shoulder Dress Net-A-Porter


A simple casual red t-shirt can be a stylish fashion statement if you know how to expertly put together this outfit. Opt to wear high waisted black jeans. The red t-shirt should be tucked in for a neat appearance. All black or white running shoes should be worn as footwear.

Moncler T-Shirt Net-A-Porter

Confidence in the workplace is rarely rewarded, with management reminding you about your place in the company. Sometimes you have to remind them that you are more than just an employee and a great way to achieve this is by wearing a red blouse. There is a certain confidence boost that happens when wearing a red blouse ties in well with an outfit.

Gucci Silk Blouse Net-A-Porter

Opt to wear a navy blue or black dress pants with a tucked in red blouse. Heels should be worn as footwear for a bold professional look at work.

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